Sanam Re Romantic Bollywood Movie

Sanam Re

Sanam Re

Sanam Re a movie that is based on a lovestory. Its cast included PulkitSamrat, YamiGautam and UrvashiRautela in the lead roles, while Rishi Kapoor appears in a crucial supporting role.

The movie starts when Akash ( PulkitSamrat) was so much busy in his professional life working under the supervision of the retarded boss. Whose bad English included in the script just to make us laugh in this boring love story (which was a failed concept). Then somehow Akash managed to talk his mother and went to hometown for selling his grandfathers (Rishi Kapoor) studio, where suddenly he starts missing his childhood love. His childhood love who is according to his grandfathersbhaweshawani (prediction) lives 500 feet steps away from his home. I mean isn’t it strange or cool? a grandfather telling his 8years old grandson where he will find his love.

He takes his grandfather seriously and walk 500 feet away and found his love at the age of 7/8. After few years he left the town for his education without telling his childhood love. Years later, he meets her again – at a Yoga Ashram in Canada, of all places. Why is she there? I mean did she, a heart patient, go all the way to Canada only to attend a week-long Yoga Ashram and, that too, one that hardly had any yoga sessions and focused more on love and heart sessions.


Then again they apart ,  They meet, they part , they meet, Then part and then he finally found her in the hospital with a heart disease. A girl who is in one scene dancing, jumping and doing all those things which we will not expect from a heart patient , laying on the bad with the very next scene. Movie was going slow but tolerable until when doctor declare, “We are ready. All we need is a heart.” And guess what? Pulkit Samrat “donates” his heart to Yami, Oh please. Like seriously? There blood groups are same? and all the medical related queries are clear? What kind of love story is this?

But that’s not enough; furthermore the heart of his boyfriend in her body still starts beating when she crosses her own home. Does changing the heart mean changing the personality?

To be fair with the team of Sanam Re, it’s not a bad watch. It’s not a great watch either. The film starts off on a promising note, but soon goes off the track, and the heart transplant thing is very dramatic and unacceptable.

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