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Now You See Me

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Now You See Me was released in 2013 in United States. Louis Leterrier is a director and the Script writer is Ed Solomon and Edward Ricourt. Now You See Me is a thriller film and grossed 117$ Million in the United States and 351$ million worldwide. The movie was also box office hit and secures position in top 10 North American Movies for six months. The story starts when a FBI agent and also detective team track the team of Now You See Me. The team consists of 4 Illusionist who play their first magic during a performance. The magic trick was lifting bank. The entire illusionists reward all the money to audience.

Public Reviews

Many people like this movie everyone was talking about magic tricks made in the movie . One of the famous founders “Kwong” finds out the real magic behind this movie. In fact he was also wants to know how real is the magic in this movie and how whole cast perform these tricks? They answer is yes! Whole cast learned little magic to play their roles. For example Jesse learned card trick, Isla learned to hold breath, woody learned Hypnosis moves and Dave learned card throwing trick. There are also many other real tricks use in the movie. Some of them are following.

  • Handcuffed in a water tank
  • Back Heist in Paris
  • Pick a Card
  • Ancient Egyptian

In this movie the most mysterious scene was going around “The Eye”. It’s a big controversy but unfortunately you will not see this in real world. You can watch Now You see me Online. After the success of Now You See Me. This was an entertaining movie and was well like among users. There is uncertainty in the movie. Surprise factor was also present which makes this movie outstanding to watch. This movie is on the top of the box office and has generated good business.