Kaabil Full Movie Review To Watch Kaabil

Kaabil Full Movie Review To Watch Kaabil

Kaabil Full Movie Review To Watch Kaabil By RTM

Hritic Roshan is back on screen with kaabil full movie and this time he is clashing with the renowned bollywood King Sharukh khan. Last time when he clashed with Akhsay’s Kumar Mohenjo Daro movie it was a great disaster at the box office.

Kaabil Full Movie Review To Watch Kaabil

So, Kabil definitely need to turn the table  for Hritic Roshan career atleast. In this film the main role playing actors are of course one of the main actors in bollywood  Hritic Roshan . Yami Gautam who has also done some great work in the past for bollywood. The story of the movie is mainly bases on two blind persons which Hritic and Yumi has to play. This story and concept of the movie needed special abilities . Extra effort because one has to show the reaction without looking at each other . kaabil full movie surroundings as well as looking at the same length while acting as the special people with disability do in reality.

After screening, it is a known fact that both actors have done a great effort and done justice to the script and theory behind the movie. As Hritic says that in one interview the main concept in this movie is to show that every person can achieve anything which he could imagine in his/her mind. In this special kind of movie the amazing bonding between the two special persons who cannot see through eyes is shown. The idea is demonstrates by special kind of acting of Yumi and Hritic  that emotions becomes more powerful if someone tries to see by heart.So, as a whole we can say that the movie has a special touch of romantic story. A kind of new thought and good to watch with your soul mate.

Kaabil Full Movie Review To Watch Kaabil

Kaabil full movie Cast

The main Cast of Kabil Movie is Yami Gautam, Hritic Roshan. Produced by Rakesh Roshan and Directed by well-known director Sanjay Gupta. The movie is releases on 26th of January year 2017.


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