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Pixels – Nostalgia 101


Pixels is a great watch for anyone who wants to rem inisce into the world of video games. Growing up, games like PacMan or Donkey Kong were an extremely prominent part of everyone’s childhood. This movie is nostalgic to say the least. It takes you back in time while reminding you of the wonderful childhood every 80’s kid has had growing up. It cashes upon the feeling of getting up in the morning and socialising with friends at an arcade.


A very quick plot summary:


The plot begins with two young friends who have no idea what’s happening around them other than arcades. That’s their life. A young boy starts understanding the patterns of the pixels and participates in a world championship where he comes second. Later, one of the two boys grows up to be the president of the United States. This adds to the entire concept of the movie. The president has to help save the world from Pixels taking over; sent from a parallel universe.


The childhood expertise of the president’s friend comes in handy in understanding the patterns of the pixels. He uses his video game obsession as a key to go on and save the world. Eventually, like every great movie, the world is saved and everyone lives happily ever after.


P.S There’s a love story involved but I don’t want to give away the entire story.


Must watch to feel nostalgic:



Pixels is a great watch for anyone who wants to sit down and remember their childhood. A nostalgic watch that takes the viewer on a visually pleasing journey leaving them with the feeling of happiness, excitement and dreamy visuals.


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