PK best Bollywood Comedy Movie


PK Comedy Movie

PK is a comedy movie of Amir Khan a Bollywood Movie Star. In movie Amir khan plays a role of an alien know as PK. This is the story of an alien who came to earth to explore and also to understand the behavior of humans. Alien see world with his on way. Alien use different type of technique to understand world. He ask question like a child those question that no one ask.

When pk land on earth some on stole is remote which is only way back to his plant. On the other side other main character of this movie jaggu. She fall is love with Sarfraz and he is from Pakistan. Jaggu Father’s not accept this relation because jaggu is Hindu and Sarfaraz is muslim. And Jaggu Father’s consult to Godman and he said that Sarfraz will betray jaggu. She determine to prove it wrong. Jaggu proposed Sarfaraz and he accept it. She is heartbroken at the wedding chapel when she receives a letter calling off the marriage due to their cultural differences .

Jaggu return to India and start working as a TV reporter. She meets PK and feel  a kick about him. And Alien tell him that he is alien scientist. Alien tell her his whole story from where he came and what happened to him. She decided to take him to her boss. And they started a tv show name as wrong number.  Alien conjectures that Tapasvi and other godmen must be dialling a “wrong number” to communicate with God due to which he miss guided. After that Tapasvi decide to confront Pk on live tv show. Alien said that there is only one God who created us and other are fake and created by humans. Pk also proved that sarfraz does not cheat on jaggu. After all this conversation pk prove him self right and got his remote back from tapasvi and go back to his plant.