Korean Horror Movie set record over 10 million

train to busan

Train to Busan

Train to busan is zombies horror film of south Korea.This movie Train to busan is directed by Yeon Sang-ho. This is first Korean film which set a record of over 10 million.  The story of this film is based on passengers of train which is headed towards busan.   And different cities which are in the way of train where effected with some virus. If some person got bite from infected person he or she become infected too.

Seok-Woo fund manager and always busy with his work that he did not have enough time for his daughter. His daughter name is Su-an her wish to visit busan to see her mother on her birthday. They both board on train from station and also other passengers Sang-hwa and his pregnant wife and school base all team and CEO Yon-suk etc. when train departs from station a young boards in train with bite on leg and infected . Zombies infection spread through his leg. She attacked female train attended. Zombies infection spread in train. Somehow a few passengers saved their lives and lock zombies in other cabin.

Daejeon Station

Train stop at Daejeon surviving passengers find out that this city is also effected with zombies. Some of people infected at station and surviving catch train again and headed towards busan. So they all where separated in different boogies of train. Therefore Seok-Woo and baseball player Yong-Guk and Sang-Hwa with him and they cross five boogies to reach other people these boogies are full of zombies.

Before Busan their train stop at station because track is blocked so they have to change the train during migrating from one to other train Yong-Guk and his girlfriend got infected and pregnant woman Su-an his father and Yon-Suk mange to catch that train Yon-Suk got infected and Seok-Woo fight with him to save his child and pregnant woamen. Seok-Woo also got infected by bite. He threw Yon out of train. After that he meets with his daughter and jump from train. From whole train only girl and permanent women reach alive.