The Man Who know Infinity Full Movie Review

the man who know infinity

 The man who know infinity

The man who know infinity movie is a real story of a person. Sirnivasa The man who know infinity is the story of an Indian man how have major contribution in mathematics he is an ordinary man and his name is Sirnivasa Ramanujan born in 22 December 1887 and died in 26 April in 1920 at the age of 32 year . Who grow up in madras he was very poor. the man who know infinity search for jobs on streets to survive. And when he got extra time he works on mathematical equations and invent his on formulas. After search of few month he got a job of accounting. That time British was ruler there.

The man who know infinity have a wife and mother his family after he got a job. He bought house on rent and bring his wife and mother from village. In 1913 He wrote latter in Cambridge University to G. H. hardy of his work. When GH hardy got Sirnivasa Ramanujan latter he admit his work and he wrote in 8 February in 1913 to Sirnivasa Ramanujan and ask to him come to England and start work with me.

Life in England

On 17 march 1914 departed from madras and Sirnivasa Ramanujan immediately started work with Littlewood and GH hardy. And GH hardy also already received 120 theorems from Sirnivasa Ramanujan and hardy saw some where wrong and hardy force to Sirnivasa Ramanujan to take some classes. Ramanujan spent nearly five years in Cambridge collaborating with Hardy and Littlewood and publish his work there. He work on infinity equations.

Sirnivasa awarded a Bachelor of Science degree and later it renamed as PhD. As a result On 6 December 1917 he was elected to London Mathematical Society. In 1917 he also elected a fellow of Royal society at that time he was 31 year old he is one of the youngest in history of royal society. In 1918 he was elected a fellow of triniry College during all this he plagued by health problem. He diagnosed with tuberculosis. In 1919 he he returned to madras and he died in 1920 at age of 32 year old.