Real Steel Full Movie Science Fiction Review

Real Steel Full Movie

 Real Steel Full Movie


Real Steel is science fiction sports movie. This Movie is purely on robot fight. Real Steel Full Movie is directed by Shawn Levy. This movie is based on story of steel robot. This is review of Real Steel Full Movie.Robot Found by a boy from garbage. In this movie in 2020 robots takes a place of human boxer in rings. Charlie Kenton is one of main character of movie who is boxer in past and now he is robot fighter. In his first fight with bull he lost his robot by losing a fight.

Custody of Max

Real Steel Full Movie is on robot fight. After fight he listen about his first girlfriend died so he must attend court hearing to decide future of his son Max. Aunt of max and his husband want full custody of max. max father Charlie concedes for  100 000 $ half in advance and half after the custody of kid. Max is going to live with Charlie for three months. Charlie import noisy boy a famous robot from japan. Had his first fight with Midas and as a result in fight he lose.

Charlie go to junkyard so he can find some parts of robot. There max find robot named Atom. Robot design to withstand with severe damage and also have shadow function. First fight of atom is with metro and atom wins the fight. Max convinces Charlie to control Atom. After that atom wins a several fights and in result they are offered to fight with Twin Cities robot in world robot boxing. Atom wins the fight after winning the fight Max challenge global champion Zeus because Zeus owner want to buy atom from max and max refuse to sell his robot in Real Steel Full Movie.

Charlie got beaten by Bailey so Charlie decided return max to his aunt for his safety. Charlie try to convince max but max said I always wanted you to fight for me and act as a father. His aunt take max with her and Charlie realize he miss max. Charlie arrange fight which max challenge to Zeus and also Convince his aunt to let him go for fight.

Real Steel Fight With Zeus


Fight started by Zeus punch due to atom knocked down  . Atom get up and knock down multiple time. Atom survive 10 rounds against Zeus. Officially Zeus win but atom is labelle as a People’s champion. Zues remain undefeated. This is Real Steel Full Movie review.