Pete’s Dragon Hollywood adventure film


Pete’s Dragon

Pete’s Dragon is Hollywood adventure film and directed by David Lowery. Story of this movie is move around a boy name Pete. He and his family go for road trip when he was five year old. They have accident in middle of jungle Pete’s parent died at the spot. Wolf start chasing pete he got afraid and runs towards jungle. A dragon with green fur and yellow eyes save pete from wolves. Pete name dragon Elliot. Pete starts living with dragon. After 6 year see some people cutting tree near to his house. And a girl who’s name Natalie spot him and chase him. She falls from tree and her father listen her screams. His father park ranger run towards her with gun and their they saw pete and catch him. He try to escape jack’s brother knock him unconscious.

When dragon realize pete is missing he starts searching him. When pete open his eyes he found him self in hospital. Pete escape from hospital and starts running on streets to find his home. And he again caught by Grace and convince him to come with her she will take him to forest next day.

Gavin and his man locate tree house and start searching in it and Elliot scare them away. And fly towards city in search of pete. Next day when pete reach his tree house to meet Elliot group of hunter catch Elliot and bring dragon to city. Somehow pete, Natalie and her grandfather succeeded to free Elliot from chains and truck. Elliot was afraid and he starting breathing fire on bridge. Grace and jack truck fall through the collapse started from fire and Elliot save them. Pete decided to take Elliot to woods when he listen helicopter sound. Elliot come with conclusion that as long as pete stay with her his life is in danger. Grace and jack adopted pete as a son. Elliot reunited with his fellow dragons.