The Martian Science Fiction Movie


The Martian

The Martian movie is about astronaut Matt Damon mistakenly left on mars and how he survive on mars and how he rescued.

The story started in 2035 crew Ares 3 on mission to mars. Strong storm hit camp and they were forced to leave mars. They all move towards MAV to abort mission in line. One of them Wateny named Martian hit by debris and lost in the storm. Suit of watney indicate he dead so he presume dead by his crew members. They take off and left mars .

in next morning watney awakes with warning of low oxygen in his suit and he found piece of antenna in his body he remove from body and move towards his camp. He presume that only chance of rescue after four year with Ares IV crew. So he calculate that food is available is not enough for four years. He started farm inside camp with human waste and Martian soil.

People on earth thought he is dead. NASA sees some activity on mars by satellite. Martian find some old pathfinder. Martian using camera of pathfinder he communicate on earth. He got angry when he know that his crew has not been told that he is alive. Bruce director of JPL decided to prepare a space probe to supply food to Martian which last for four years.

Wateny crops destroyed because of explosion in camp. Now he have not enough time and food to survive on mars for four years. NASA prob destroyed during takeoff and chines offer their booster.

But a scientist prove his theory Ares III crew can approach in less time then booster. Only 18 month added to their mission. Chania’s booster resupply the crew and they headed way back mars to rescue.

Martian moves towards Area IV and catch MAV from there and remove Extra wait from it to increase the speed of MAV. But does not reach the needed speed. Lewis use manned maneuvering unit to catch Wateny but still cannot reach. Wateny make hole in suite to reach Lewis.

After returning to earth he strated as survival instructor.